Paul Gallow, 16 Laycock Fields, Cowling, Keighley BD22 0DN 

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Paul Gallow, 16 Laycock Fields, Cowling, Keighley BD22 0DN

Mobile: 07720 882768


Need a racket stringer urgently? 
Tennis racket stringing, badminton racket stringing, squash racket stringing - I provide a fast, reliable restringing service for all racket types.

I use an electronic machine  . . .  so you can always be sure of accurate string tension.

I have a wide range of strings types available . . . but are happy to help you make a decision about what might be best for your game. That applies to tension as well . . . if you're not sure whether to have a high tension or a low tension, we can advise you.

The cost

It will cost you around £15. However, there are some strings that are pretty expensive, so it might cost you a few £££s more if you want something out of the ordinary. But I will always advise you beforehand.

I can also re-grip your racket for you. Replacement grips vary in price . . . but they are not expensive (from £2 to £5.50), and an overgrip is just £1.50.

The process is simple - if you live near the Cowling area, you can leave a racket there. If it's more convenient to leave it in Skipton, it can be left with Reception at Sandylands Sports Centre,  Carleton New Road, Skipton BD23 2AZ